Preserving nature for
a century into the future

Re Energy

We are mainly engaged in businesses related to solar power generation.
We provide a wide range of services,
from manufacturing and sales of modules to recycling and reuse,
and energy-related services.

Re Company

We contribute to corporate revitalization through M&A
of domestic small and medium-sized companies.
Since the establishment of our company,
we have been connected with overseas companies,
so we can realize corporate and human resource revitalization that is unique to Eiki Shoji.

Re Object

In addition to the recycling business
that we have been developing since our establishment,
we also purchase and sell office automation equipment and erase data.

Other Business

At Eiki Shoji,
we will continue to develop new initiatives
that are not bound by conventional wisdom.

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Re Re

Creating an eternally
bright future through 4R activities

Our strength is our ability to
"create value through reuse.
We do not limit ourselves to the simple reuse of goods,
but also regenerate companies,
human resources, and even energy,
making full use of our unique know-how and overseas networks.
Our world view is expanding further.

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Contact Us

Head office

Kakuta Build. 7F 1-23-1 Oi,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140 – 0014,Japan
TEL: +81-3-5746-0531
FAX: +81-3-5746-0532

Osaka branch office

2-74-1 Minamikinomoto,
Yao-shi, Osaka 581-0042
TEL: +81-72-975-6800
FAX: +81-72-975-6801

Kawasaki Distribution Center

1-1 Tanabeshinden, Kawasaki-ku,
Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 210-0856
TEL: +81-44-355-0468
FAX: +81-44-355-0469